Our experience inspire us to raise industry standards, proving that quality can only be achieved with a fair price. We represent a construction company that provides superior, quality construction services and operational solvency through efficient planning, direct communication and competitive pricing. Our team is exceptionally experienced in the assessment, management, feasibility and financing of various types of projects. Improving this comprehensive experience and significance guarantees that customers receive quality work, fair prices and a dedicated engagement of their project. Throughout the years, AKTIVA ENGINEERING has built relationships with rower and sub-contractors in the industry and they are all adhered to our high quality standards. We use a highly developed system of planning and collaborating with clients before the beginning of each project to open the lines of communication and to establish clear guidelines (ie budget, schedule, implementation method, etc.). According to the European legislation, AKTIVA ENGINEERING is an internationally certified company of the construction sector. Specialized and licensed for construction performance of the first category, with license A issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Macedonia and complete ISO standardization. In its operations, the company applies the modern European standards and innovations for safe, quality and economical construction.