We can develop solutions for your facility that serve exactly for your needs, maximize your efficiency and respect your budget. AKTIVA ENGINEERING as a top construction company, fully covers all types of projects regarding building and metal industry:

  • Projecting;
  • Construction;
  • Supervision;
  • Revision;
  • Engineering;
  • All metal working processes;
  • Consulting;
  • Investing, and
  • Trade.

AKTIVA ENGINEERING applies a certified construction and control protocols, following precise technical specifications in each project:


 Design Stage:

  • Static solution of buildings, as well as modeling of construction
  • Production of Drawings ( GA Drawings)
  • Cutting Plans and Assembly Plans
  • Material Lists
  • Drawings

 Construction Stage:

  • Automatic shot blasting
  • Automatic cutting and drilling of all pieces using modern CNC machines
  • Assembling and welding
  • Shot blasting before painting
  • Painting according to project properties

 Certificates of Materials and Staff:

  • Steel Mil certificates
  • Bolts, Nuts, Washer, Anchors certificates
  • Painting System certificate
  • Special materials certificate (Panel, Decking etc.)
  • Welding wire and gasses certificate
  • Approved welders with all certificates
  • WPQR and WPS for welding procedures
  • Design Manager: Mechanical Engineer
  • Steel Production Manager: Mechanical Engineer